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An artistic tour de force from pianist Clare Longendyke. With creative skill, vision, and boldness, Clare Longendyke invites us into the world of Debussy, Amy Williams, and Anthony R. Green. Pairing Debussy’s Preludes with Williams’s Piano Portraits and bridging them with Green’s Debussy-inspired compositions, Longendyke envisions a musical experience that breaks new ground. She draws us in and leads us through these vignettes and character pieces with emotion, lyricism, and musical color. The result is as unique as it is virtuosic. 

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01 - Préludes, Livre I La Cathédrale engloutie_Clare Longendyke
00:00 / 06:46


…of dreams unveiled features selections from Debussy’s Préludes, Amy Williams’s Piano Portraits, and new works by Anthony R. Green. The music is organized into subsets of pieces that share similar musical traits, partnering works that may not otherwise be heard side-by-side on a concert program, but complement one another musically, stylistically, or thematically. This style of programming invites the listening experience to be interactive, offering the potential to create a different track order with each play-through. 




1. Préludes, Livre I: La Cathédrale engloutie
Claude Debussy     6:46
2. Piano Portraits, Book II: Olga
Amy Williams     3:27


3. Préludes, Livre I: Voiles
Claude Debussy     4:26
4. Piano Portraits, Book I: Yvar
Amy Williams     4:12
5. Préludes, Livre I: « Les sons et les parfums tournent
   dans l'air du soir »  
 Claude Debussy     4:15


6. Préludes, Livre I: Les collines d'Anacapri
Claude Debussy     3:55
7. Piano Portraits, Book II: Frieda    
Amy Williams     2:05
8. Préludes, Livre I: La danse de Puck
Claude Debussy     3:06


9. Piano Portraits, Book II: Nils
Amy Williams     3:21
10. Préludes, Livre I: Des pas sur la neige
Claude Debussy     4:48
11. Fugue — suivant « Des pas sur la neige »
Anthony R. Green     2:20

12. Préludes, Livre II: Brouillards
Claude Debussy     3:25
13. Piano Portraits, Book I: Helena
Amy Williams     2:14
14. Préludes, Livre II: Canope
Claude Debussy     3:15

15. Préludes, Livre II: La puerta del Vino
 Claude Debussy     3:34
16. Piano Portraits, Book I: Ursula
Amy Williams     3:07
17. Préludes, Livre II: La terrasse desaudiences
   du clair de lune    
Claude Debussy     4:47

18. Préludes, Livre I: Hommage àS. Pickwick
    Esq. P.P.M.P.C.    
Claude Debussy     2:55
19. Préludes, Livre II: Feux d'artifice
Claude Debussy     5:19
20. To Anacreon in the US
Anthony R. Green     5:34

Total Time     76:50



A pianist with “an artistic ferocity that captivated and astonished listeners” (Waverly Newspapers), Clare Longendyke performs with orchestras and on recital series around the world. A charming and charismatic performer, her passion for the music she plays radiates through her highly expressive and colorful artistry. Her commitment to the music of our time shines through her programming, which celebrates works by composers of the past while creating space for those that are paving the way towards classical music’s more inclusive future.

Clare has performed on three continents, including on concert stages in twenty American states. Her playing has been heard on classical radio programs around North America, including on NPR’s Performance Today. She has lived and studied on both American coasts and abroad, earning an undergraduate degree at Boston University’s College of Fine Arts and her Master’s and Doctor of Music degrees from the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music. She received the Fulbright–Harriet Hale Woolley Award in the Arts to study music at the École normale de musique in Paris in 2009.

Clare’s dedication to shaping the classical music field manifests in her many collaborations with living composers. Since 2013, she has commissioned over 30 new solo piano and chamber music works and been involved in over 200 world premiere performances. She relishes the opportunity to put her stamp on new pieces that will go on to be staples in the pianist’s repertoire. For Clare, performance is just one aspect of her role as an ambassador for classical music in today’s world. The connections she makes on concert stages, in classrooms, and everywhere in between help to foster a greater sense of community for the classical music field that she cares about so deeply.

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