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A constant yearning for genuine, vulnerable human connection is what draws me so wholeheartedly to the work of being a concert artist. As a classical pianist, I feel it is my responsibility to my audience to share a profoundly personal part of myself as I interpret the work of the composers I perform. To that end, every moment at the piano—whether in the practice studio or on stage—is like the most intimate conversation, the warmest bear hug, the most loving connection with those generous enough to offer me their attention for the brief time that I have with them.

I feel this same connection to the works I interpret. As I bring each composer’s intentions to life, I embrace the understanding that I carry my own unique perspective and story to every piece I perform. This knowledge gives me purpose, and the sincere sense that, through my playing, I am making an indelible and deeply personal mark on the universe. 


All of the music I have the privilege to perform acts as my lifelong teacher, and I champion the work of those from the past as fervently as I relish the opportunity to pioneer new terrain through works by living composers. I carry a curiosity, an expressive vulnerability, and a zealous lust for shared understanding into my artistic work. Those characteristics offer me the freedom to enjoy performing works of Beethoven and Schumann, for example, as much as pieces by today’s composers.


My artistry is rooted in my strong sense of gratitude and wonderment, and the acknowledgement that every opportunity I have to create great art is a chance for me to commune with the divine. 

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