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As a classical pianist, my work is driven by an earnest pursuit of authentic, unguarded human connection. Whether I am in the solitude of the practice studio or sharing the stage with an audience, each moment at the piano feels like an intimate conversation, a warm embrace, or a profound connection with those who graciously lend me their attention.

This connection extends to the composers whose works I interpret. With every performance, I breathe new life into their compositions, by infusing them with my personal perspective and lived experiences. This interplay grants me a sense of purpose, and I am keenly aware that, through my artistry, I leave an indelible mark on the tapestry of our shared experiences.


My artistic journey transcends eras: from musical works that have stood the test of time to the new compositions created by today’s living composers, I approach each piece with an insatiable curiosity, an unwavering commitment to emotional expression, and a genuine hunger for meaningful connections forged through music.


Ultimately, I am deeply grateful for every opportunity I have to create art, seeing it as a chance to resonate with something greater than myself.

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